Car Covers: Why Your Corvette Needs One

Most car owners do not want to mess with the hassles of a car cover; however, car covers are very effective at protecting your vehicle from various weather and environmental elements. Car covers can help to keep your vehicle at showroom quality and protect your overall investment. Keep reading to learn exactly how your Corvette can benefit from having a car cover.

Benefit #1: Protection from Dings, Dents, and Scratches

It is a terrible feeling when you get that first ding, dent or scratch on your brand new vehicle. Sadly, it is just something that happens, and it is often unavoidable in many circumstances. However, it is something that you can prevent in some situations with a car cover. A car cover adds an additional layer of protection that can prevent unnecessary dings, dents, and scratches from car doors, shopping carts, etc.

Benefit #2: Protection from Natural Hazards

While dust, trees, and birds may seem harmless, they can cause some serious damage to your vehicle if it doesn't have a car cover protecting it. The paint on your vehicle isn't very thick. As a result, the longer that dust sits on your vehicle, the more abrasive it becomes and the more likely it is to cause small scratches. More often than not, it is too late by the time you notice them. A car cover will keep the dust off your vehicle's surface.

When it comes to birds, they seem to somehow always leave their acidic droppings directly on your vehicle. Without a cover, those droppings can eat away at your paint. As for trees, you always want to park underneath one to keep your vehicle from warming up too much during the day. Unfortunately, this leaves your vehicle susceptible to pollen, sap, berries, nuts, and even roosting birds – all of which can wreak serious havoc on your prized possession without a car cover.

Benefit #3: Protection from Damaging Weather

When your vehicle is exposed to UV rays, its color will fade. You won't notice it immediately, as it does take time. Once the color begins to fade, it will cause the vehicle to lose some of its value. A car cover can prevent this. If you opt for a lighter-colored cover, you can benefit from a cooler interior during the summer months.

In general, rain will not harm your vehicle. However, excessive rain can get into scratches, blemishes, etc. and result in corrosion. If you live in a wet climate, it is a good idea to consider a water-resistant cover for your vehicle to protect its finish.

Contact a company that carries Corvette car covers for more information and assistance.