Camper Shell Cover Basics

Having a big truck allows you to explore the world in a way that other vehicles don't allow. Of course, if you plan to go camping in your truck, you need a camper shell cover to keep you and your items safe from the elements. Here is what you need to know when considering getting a camper shell

Types of Camper Shells


Fiberglass shells can fit your truck perfectly, and they can be painted to match your truck perfectly. These cost more than the other options, starting at $1000. Unfortunately, off road trips can cause stress cracks. 


Aluminum shells are not made to fit your truck, and they don't match your truck. However, they are significantly cheaper, starting at about $400, and won't crack under harsh conditions. 


Canvas shells start at $200. They are also light-weight, so it's easy to remove them if necessary. They don't protect as well as the other options, though. 

Advantages of Truck Camping


If you already have a truck, the cheapest way to go camping is to simply add a cover over the bed to use it to camp. 

More camping options

Camping in your truck allows you to access places that you couldn't access if you went to a regular campsite. Simply take your truck where you want to go and enjoy the camping!

Pack lighter

The tent is the largest item you pack when you go camping. Camping in your truck frees up space you would usually use to haul the tent with you. 


When camping in your truck, you do not need to put up your tent and take it down every time you want to leave. It's ideal for trips when you're constantly on the move. 


Lack of Space

When camping in your truck, there is not a lot of space to move around. Since space is limited, this option is made for people who want to spend their time outdoors hunting and exploring nature. The truck is only used for sleeping. 


Sleeping in your truck can be uncomfortable, especially because of the lack of space. 

Tips for Camping in Your Truck

Secure the camper shell properly.

This prevents the shell cover from coming undone unexpectedly and also prevents bugs and dust from getting in while you're going about your day. To secure the shell properly, use six C-clamps to secure both sides and all four corners of your shell to your truck bed. 

Weatherproof your items

No matter how secure the shell is, things happen. Keep all gear, clothes, and food in weatherproof containers to prevent unexpected damage.