Six Mistakes That Could Compromise The Condition Of Your Vehicle's Exhaust System

The exhaust system is a vital mechanical component of your vehicle. As such, keeping it in good shape improves vehicle performance and maximizes vehicle lifespan. Unfortunately, many motorists sometimes make mistakes when it comes to servicing and maintaining their exhaust systems. The following are six mistakes that could compromise its condition. 

Ignoring your check engine light

If your vehicle's check engine light has turned on, it could possibly be because of a problem with your exhaust system. Your check engine light is especially likely to turn on if your catalytic converter is no longer working properly. Understandably, it's important to have your vehicle looked at when your check engine light is on for the sake of your exhaust system and all other mechanical systems of your vehicle. 

Ignoring unusual smells or noises caused by your exhaust system

One of the most common symptoms of exhaust problems is unusual smells coming from your vehicle. Unusual noises — especially if your vehicle making particularly loud noises — are also signs of exhaust system issues. If your vehicle is making more noise than it used to, your exhaust system could need a new exhaust pipe or muffler. 

Not getting exhaust system leaks repaired immediately

The exhaust system is a mechanical component in a vehicle that is subjected to high pressure and heat. This can easily lead to leaks. Leaks develop in situations where the manifold cracks or the gasket begins to fail. 

Having leaks looked at and repaired is essential for avoiding serious problems in your exhaust system. 

Never having an inspection of your exhaust system performed

Even if your exhaust system seems to be working fine, it's still possible that it is malfunctioning. Having periodic inspections of your exhaust system performed by a qualified mechanic is a great way to make sure your exhaust system doesn't need any repairs or maintenance. 

Driving over potholes or road debris

The position of your exhaust system components in the undercarriage of your vehicle makes them susceptible to damage if you drive over potholes or road debris. As such, you should avoid driving over obstacles like these in the road whenever possible to protect your exhaust system. 

Assuming your exhaust system is just for maintaining fuel efficiency or reducing emissions

Components of your exhaust system help to ensure good fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. However, these are not the only functions it has. Your exhaust system also channels potentially harmful gases away from your engine and other mechanical components. This means that malfunctions of your exhaust system could potentially damage other parts of your car. For more information about exhaust systems, such as Chevy Corvette exhaust systems, contact an auto service.