Decorate Your Car For The Holidays

There are so many fun things going on around the holidays, so you spend a lot of time in your car going here and there taking part in the festivities. You've probably spent a day or two decorating your home, so why haven't you decorated your car yet? Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help you show off your holiday spirit as you make your way around town.

Start with your Nose

What is that one smell that takes you back to your childhood Christmas mornings? Is it the smell of fresh cut pine, or maybe fresh baked sugar cookies—no matter what the scent, you can find a holiday car air freshener that will take you back.

Holiday car air fresheners can be found in decorative form or in small canisters that you hide underneath the seat, so if you don't like things hanging from your rearview, you still have options; if you like those dangling air fresheners, you'll be pleased to find all kinds of holiday designs to enjoy.

Rudolph's Red Nose

You've probably seen a car decorated like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer at least once, and if you haven't, go google it! You can pick up car decorating kits that include a couple of antlers for you to install over the doors and a big red nose to stick to the front of your car. You can also find Santa hats and Christmas tree packages for vehicles of all kinds.

Light it Up

There's so many easy ways to decorate your car with lights these days. Today, you can order battery-powered LED lights, or lights that plug into your DC outlet in the car. The lights can be used inside or outside of the car.

Please note that your local laws may restrict you from legally driving with lights on the inside or outside of the car. Check with your local law enforcement before you go driving down the highway with your car illuminated like Santa's sleigh. You may only be able to light them up when you're in parking lots at events that you're attending, but the work will still be worth it when you see the looks on the little kids' faces as you light up your car.

Get creative, but be safe. You can take a bit of the holidays with you wherever you go. This is one way to spread the holiday spirit that you, and anyone that sees will not forget.