What Your Block Needs To Do To Get Ready For Snowplowing

The government in cities that experience regular snowfall try very hard to get main and arterial roads plowed quickly after it stops snowing. However, residential and rural streets are often left out of the process due to time and money. That leaves it up to residents to find a private snow-plowing service to clear their roads. Preparing for this isn't difficult, but it can take time. Here's what your block needs to know.

Driveways and Sidewalks

The plow is likely going to push a lot of snow back into your driveway and possibly onto the sidewalk. There's no way to stop this as those are the only areas where the plow can place the snow (remember, it's snow plowing, not snow pickup). Try to find out the time or time range in which the plowing company will reach your block. Either wait to shovel the driveway and sidewalk until after the plow passes, or do it early and then expect to do it again later in the day.


Any cars that can be moved off the road, should be. Obviously, if there has been a very heavy snowfall that makes it impossible to move the car, it's stuck. However, if you have advance warning of the storm -- in other words, it isn't more severe than it was forecast to be, and it wasn't a surprise storm -- move your car early.

If there is only street parking, let the plow company know. You'll have to discuss what to do if there is accidental damage to cars on the street. This shouldn't be much of an issue on wide streets, but if the road is narrow, you have to find out how the plow company will handle getting through the road while keeping the cars safe.


Curb cuts for disabled ramps might also be blocked by snow moved by the plow. After the plow has passed, someone on the block (yes, it can be you) needs to go to each cut-out and shovel the snow off that.


If any of your neighbors are disabled or too ill or weak to shovel their own driveways and sidewalks, arrange for help. Remember that people who are normally in good health could have become sick or been injured. Don't assume that everyone who was healthy last year will be in the right shape to shovel snow.


The plow will get rid of snow in the road. If there is ice elsewhere, have sand or deicing agent ready to spread around.

Plowing companies will likely be busy, so call ahead of time, even if no storm is forecast, to find out about scheduling service. The more you know now, the easier it will be to get your street cleared once it does snow. Contact a plow dealer, like J & C Campers, for more help.