Material Options For Car Window Tinting

There are many advantages to applying car window tint.  One of those advantages is that it decreases the possibility of sun damage.  The tint acts as a filter and minimizes UV penetration and therefore protects the interior of the car.  Tinting of the windows also decreases the temperature of the passenger area.  Besides, having the windows of a vehicle tinted just looks great!

Types of Tinting

Variety is the spice of life and can often be a good thing. Even when it comes to car window tinting, there are a variety of options available to the owner of the vehicle. Those types of tinting include dyed window tint film, metalized film, ceramic window tint, and carbon window tint film. Dyed window tint film is simply a dark film that adheres to the windows of the vehicle while the other named tinting options are distinguished based on the product used to manufacture the tinting product. Therefore, the other three tinting options are made from carbon, metalized film, and ceramic components.


When trying to decide what tinting option to apply to your vehicle, it is important to weigh the pros and cons.  The advantages of the dyed window tint are that it is the most economical, gives the right look, and blocks the majority of the sun's damaging UV rays. The metalized film reflects the sun's damaging rays and associated heat, is more scratch resistant, and also strengthens the window, which makes it less prone to shattering.  The carbon window tint provides a dark matte appearance, reduces the heat in the passenger area, which consequently reduces the strain placed upon the air-conditioning unit. The ceramic film also reduces the heat, but at a higher percentage, allows full function of electronic devices and is highly resistant to UV rays as well as fading and high resistance to shattering.


The negative aspects of utilizing dyed window tint film are that of the four coatings it is the most prone to fading and the least restrictive in regards to allowing the sun's heat to enter the car.  The metalized film, because of its metal texture, will sometimes interfere with electronics located within the vehicle.  The downside of carbon window tint film is that it is more expensive than the first two options. In regards to the ceramic film coating, the biggest negative is the expense associated with utilizing this type of tinting.

Therefore, it would appear that window tinting is a good option for not only driving a cooling looking vehicle but one that has economic and practical implications. Contact a company like SML Window Tint for more information and assistance.