Transporting Asphalt? 2 Things Your Truck Tarp Must Have

Your clients are paying you to haul materials safely and securely from one location to another. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a tarp that will protect the items from the elements and adhere to any state or federal laws that may be in effect. When it comes to transporting asphalt, however, not just any old tarp will do. Here are two features your tarp must have when you're trucking this material around.


First and foremost, the tarp you choose should be made from waterproof material because asphalt should not be exposed to rain or water for long periods of time. Water damage can cause asphalt to crack, lose its strength, and become difficult to use for its intended purpose (e.g. lay on the road). Additionally, your client may have to delay using the asphalt because he or she has to wait for the material to dry.

In either event, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and keep your customers happy by purchasing a tarp made from vinyl or polyethylene because this material is waterproof. Be aware, though, that tarps made from these materials tend to be heavy, so you need to make sure your tarp system is strong enough to maneuver the covering in position or get help if you need to do it manually.

UV Protection

Sunlight is another thing that can result in damage to asphalt. More specifically, the ultraviolet (UV) rays present in the sunshine can damage the chemical bonds holding the asphalt together, causing the asphalt to fall apart after a period of time. Most companies that use asphalt will cover it with a sealant to slow down the progression of the damage. However, this is typically done after the asphalt has been delivered to the job site. Thus, it's important to prevent UV rays from hitting the asphalt during transport.

This can be done by using a tarp that with built-in UV protection. Some materials, such as polyethylene, naturally block out UV rays. With other materials, though, you may have to seek out ones that have been treated with a special coating that suppress the effects of UV rays on the transported items. Taking this extra step will prevent the asphalt from degrading while it's being moved around and ensures it arrives to its destination safely.

For more information about buying a truck tarp or to order one for your commercial vehicle, contact a local supplier, such as Glider Systems Inc.